Q&A: Are there any good websites that have math worksheets?

math worksheets

Question by Clumzi: Are there any good websites that have math worksheets?
I need a website with worksheets. Mainly i would like math but other
subjects like science, ELA, and social studies would be great. Mainly
math though. And it needs to be free i don’t want to pay for a
worksheet…. I would like it to be printable. So mainly my question is
are there any websites that have FREE math worksheets. Oh and i would
really like FREE Science math worksheets but just answer my question.
And post web address.

Best answer:

Answer by JD
>”i don’t want to pay for a worksheet”

Let me ask you something, do you donate your time to your employer?



Keywords/phrases: free+learning+worksheets

Do the keywords look familiar?

Please tell me you are not an educator or a teacher!

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